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This was the second device I purchased as a small accelerometer based computer.  So far I’m really not impressed by this device.

A lot of time and effort has gone into the look and finish of this watch. Too bad there wasn’t equivalent effort for funtionality




  • Polished interface


  • Poor battery life – another watch with phone like battery endurance.
  • Incomplete Android OS – no sensor libraries.
  • Poor developer support – many known issues not published
  • Outrageous pricing ( they seriously have one listed for $21000 )
  • Cloud based configuration

This one has been a fail pretty much since day 1. I ordered the watch in February and it didn’t show up until October. During that time they were pushing hard to have developers create apps for the device. I didn’t bother with their SDK as I needed hardware accelerometers for my software.

When the watch arrived I installed the latest version of the software, installed the SDK and started to write my first program for it. I hooked it up to the computer and tried to find it with adb, nothing. After messing around for a while I fired off an email to developer tech support. They informed me there is currently no adb support. Nice a new paper weight.

A month later on their site I find a new OS version that includes adb support. Excellent now maybe I’ll be able to use it. By downloading and installing adb for this device you void your warranty ??? You don’t really own a device until you’ve void the warranty so I installed the new developer rom.

For some odd reason adb on the watch only supports network mode.

A couple hours later I’ve written a shiny new app to talk to the sensors. But no matter how hard I try I can’t SensorManager.getSensors() to return a sensor. I start digging around the logs and find this.

W/HAL (20912): load: module=/system/lib/hw/sensors.imwatch.so error=Cannot load library: load_library[984]: Library '/system/lib/hw/sensors.imwatch.so' not found

So another email off to tech support Ticket: #EFB-458-37919 and they inform me they are trying to get that fixed for the next software update. So back on the shelf it goes.

At least it’s taught me something new. Howto generate a screen capture using adb.

adb pull /dev/graphics/fb0
ffmpeg -vframes 1 -f rawvideo -pix_fmt rgb24 -s 240x240 -i fb0 fb0.png

2 thoughts on “i’m Watch

  1. The blog post contains links to all of the information you’ll need and the “sdk” released by WiMM

  2. Thank you for keeping the files. Really heelpd out now that their site is out of order. Much appreciated! If you ever want to share any of the apps you made, you could take solace in the fact that I’d use them with much appreciation!

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